• Data fundamentals for retail, sales, and marketing
• Sales Coaching
• Sales Management Foundations
• CMO Foundations: Creating a Marketing Culture
• Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan
• Analyzing Sales Competitors
• CMO Foundations: Working with Leadership and Board-of-Directors
• Strategies for Emerging Markets
• Marketing Analytics: Presenting Digital Marketing Data
• Marketing Foundations: International Marketing
• Creating a Marketing Growth System
• Marketing Your Professional Service
• B2B Marketing Foundations
• Content Marketing Foundations
• Marketing to Millennials

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• Sales Secrets for Small Business
• Writing a Marketing Plan
• Marketing Foundations: Integrated Marketing Strategies
• Marketing Foundations: Influencer Marketing
• Affiliate Marketing: Advertising
• Introduction to Marketing
• Marketing Research & Consumer Behavior
• Marketing Analysis & Marketing Strategy
• The Strategy of Content Marketing
• Branding & Product Management
• Marketing Plan & Pricing Strategies
• Integrated Marketing Communications: Advertising,
Public Relations, Digital Marketing
• Positioning: What you need for a successful Marketing Strategy
• Planning and Executing Sales and Marketing Strategies
• Strategic Account Management
• Executive Negotiation & Bargaining for Advantage
• Delivering Superior Customer Service & Customer Satisfaction
• Customer Relationship Management CRM
• Social Media: From Engagement to Business Value & Profit
• Sales & Marketing: The Six Sigma Way
• Marketing and Business Development for SMEs’
• Customer Care Essentials
• Customer Experience Management

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