Flat Stan First Aid

Let’s start at the beginning – One day we noticed that there were lots of first aid programs for grownups but little available for children. We decided to change this and so we created a new training concept: Flat Stan First Aid – Essential Life Skills for Children.

After a lot of thought and enthusiasm, Flat Stan was launched and thousands of children across the UK have now been introduced to first aid with the help of Flat Stan. It is our mission to help more children across the UK and beyond learn these Essential Life Skills.

The workshops are different because they have been designed specifically for children to be enriching, engaging and fun.”


At Servicore, we want to take on Flat Stan’s mission and bring it to children all over Nigeria. If given the opportunity to learn these essential life skills, young children can make a difference.


Flat Stan is a UK-based company providing first aid programs dedicated to school children from the ages of 4 to 16.

In the past 36 months, approximately 66,000 children across the UK have been introduced to first aid using the Flat Stan First Aid workshops, which include:

  • Special dedicated children Materials
  • Special dedicated children Booklets
  • Special dedicated children Certificates

Once the program is delivered, the school or establishment will become FLAT STAN Certified Safe.


Flat Stan First Aid is an exciting concept for introducing 4-16 year-olds to 'Essential Life Skills and First Aid'.

The emphasis is on teaching the children in a fun, enriching and innovative way. The 60-to-75-minute workshops will provide the children with the skills and knowledge to recognize a variety of first aid situations and how to deal with them and summon help.

Students will be divided into age groups where every child will receive the Flat Stan First Aid book, a certificate and a Flat Stan sticker. The book is a vital part of the experience because the children can take their book home and show their family and friends.


The life-saving skills children learn will accompany them for years to come and can potentially help them administer first aid if needed. When a workshop is given, every child/person will, by default, teach it and tell the story of what they learnt to at least 4 persons from their friends and family. Imagine how this can affect:

  • Accident rates
  • Death rates
  • Action rates (doing the wrong thing in specific situations)

Thus, the mortality rates from accidents needing first aid will definitely decrease.


FLAT STAN Is an AWARD-WINNING PROGRAM in the UK and the very first First Aid school program.

We use the child-friendly Flat Stan manikins when working with the children. They give children confidence when being shown how and when to summon help, how to check if someone is breathing, how to deliver chest compressions, how to help someone who is choking, bleeding, or help someone who has suffered a burn.

This makes the workshops fun & exciting as we find the children love to have a go at pushing on the chest while learning very important lifesaving skills. Using traditional CPR manikins can dishearten children and lower their confidence, as they are not physically strong enough to administer first aid.


The workshops cover:

* What is first aid and who can deliver first aid

* When and how to get help

* How to check if someone is responsive

* What to do if you think a casualty is not breathing

* The choking casualty

* What to do if someone is bleeding

* What to do if someone suffers a burn

In the UK, the feedback Flat Stan had from primary schools is that the teachers are delighted and pleasantly surprised to see the younger children from 4 years old getting involved, asking questions and taking the skills on board. Flat Stan had excellent feedback from parents that have had their children trained at their primary school.

In addition, we are sharing with you parts of the UK Ministry of Education decree related to First Aid workshops and courses in schools.


According to the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education, 25.6 million children were enrolled in Nigeria's public and private primary schools in 2016. Imagine a generation of millions of young Nigerians possessing the basic knowledge of what to do in an emergency situation, such as witnessing someone choking, bleeding, or lying unconscious.

Accidents are unavoidable and could happen anytime, but how we react to an accident scene or victim can be vital. In many cases, children can assist and potentially save lives with skills learnt from a Flat Stan First Aid workshop.

Alongside education, one of the most powerful tools we can give our children is the power to save lives. There are thousands of deaths each year that can be avoided if attended to on time by a person with basic First Aid training. That is the goal that drives us.